Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is a MOOC? Am I crazy? #change11

Since I have moved my blog across to blogger, I must state that I am really happy with its functionality and ease of use. I love how it has just integrated everything so easily and as we speak I am laying on my grass at 11:46am using the Blogger app for my iPhone to create this post.

I am not sure if I am crazy or not but I have signed up to undertake a MOOC in the #change11 project. From what I can gather I can make this project basically be whatever I want it to be. I have been reading my daily emails and I must attempt to spend some quality time with my laptop and not my phone. I think this will allow me to grasp onto the concepts that underpin this course easily.

Would love to hear your thoughts - who will be the first to comment on my new site.

This is the view from my lawn today!

1 comment:

  1. im curious what you were using pre blogger and why you changed. welcome to blogger and to the mooc from another crazy person.