Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ideas hit me in the craziest of places....

This is a blog that I posted on my employers internal blogging service.  I thought that I would share it with my wider PLN community to get your thoughts on my idea as well.  This could work people - how awesome would it to be to have a kid sitting in a class in China using a resource that a kid in Australia has created to help them with their learning.  I know I mention some specific tools that my employer provides but it should be easy enough to get going outside of my walled garden.  Kind of like a Kahn Academy but student driven.  Anyway, here it is.....

As I was being a diligent husband and hanging out the washing this morning, a thought came into my head.  As this thought took up a lot of brainpower, I didn’t have a lot of space left to think about much else and it kind of consumed my thought processes.  It was a beautiful day outside and I was totally consumed by this notion.

So what was it you asked? I was thinking about the new Learning Place and virtual spaces and how I could use them.  As you all know I am a huge fan of Alan November and his work around student created learning experiences and my man Eric Marcos from Mathtraintv.  My big catch phrase that I have been spouting out lately is ‘It’s all about the community of we, not the community of me!’  For some reason that got stuck in my head and an idea popped it.  It doesn’t happen very often and it was an exciting experience.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if kids could make videos on a range of educational topics that they were interested in?  Staff could add their ideas up to a common sharing place from around Queensland and kids (I know mine would) could create / research resources that could be used in classrooms to help other kids understand stuff? I know my kids would be keen to do this and it should be pretty easy in the new version of Learning Place to make this happen.

So does anybody else see value in this or is it just me dreaming up crazy stuff that will never work?

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