Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Welcome to the revolution.....

flowerSo I have been wanting to start blogging for a while.  I have been extremely hesitant to get started but I decided that I couldn't wait any longer.  For those who follow me on Twitter, they know that i am extremely active on the 'Tweet Stream' and am a big believer in the power of the PLN and how it can help us achieve what we are employed to do - quality educational outcomes for the students that we educate.  Before I had discoverd the world of Twitter, I used to follow a number of blogs via RSS (which I got the idea from Sue Waters and the Edublogger) and the sheer volume of information that I could access in my own way amazed me.  As my Twitter journey has continued, I have decied to reconnect with my RSS feeds and in turn blog my own journey.  What an exciting journey it has been and will continue to be.                                                           

So how did I come up with the title for my blog?  Over the past three years, all teachers in Education Queensland have undertaken (or will undertake) compulsary literacy training.  One afternoon, I was talking to my neighbour across the road (who is also a teacher) who was doing her literacy training at a different venue.  We were comparing our training and what we had got out of it.  I realised that Jonathon Nalder, a very prolific blogger / tweeter was at the same venue.  I mentioned to her that he was there.  Her response was "Oh, he is one of THOSE people!".  I was a bit stunned by that comment and then realised what she was talking about.  He was a digital immigrant living in the digital natives world trying to engage 21st century kids using 21st century methods.  I then informed her that I was one of THOSE people as well and our conversation came to a polite end.

I am thinking about using this space in many different ways.  I will use it to report on some of the things my kids are doing in class, look at web 2.0 tools and their possible uses in the classroom and reflect on my lifelong learning journey. 

Let the fun begin!

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