Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blog Commenting....The Hardest Part About Living In A Web2.0 World

I am the first to admit, that I blog a lot with my kids.  It is a part of our regular day and a vital part of getting feedback from them about what they know and how they are going.  I almost make it compulsary for them to comment on each others blogs and particularly mine.  They generally do a good job at adding comments, but the quality of their feedback is often lacking.

So the other day, I posed the question to them: "Why do we find commenting so hard?"  I got some really interesting feedback from 'Well i think that we find it hard because we have to read it and then think about what we are going to say. Some of us comment really well, but others just do not enjoy it or think that it is to hard,' to 'I agree that people think commenting is hard becuase they don't want to hurt others. I try not to offend anyone because I always finish my comments with something posistive.'  This one was my favourite 'I think I know why people don't want to comment is because they either can't be bothered or maybe they are scared of you because of your deep loud voice.'  Lucky that kids was only joking!

So is it just me or is commenting really hard?  I know that I constantly lurk and read but struggle sometimes to add productive information to the usual outstanding pieces of information that is presented to me.  I stuggle to add value and don't want to sound like an idiot by just saying 'I agree David' or 'Awesome post'.  If I contribute, I really want to add value to the bloggers entry.  If I can't add value, I just don't feel right adding.

So isn't the whole purpose of web 2.0 to contribute and share?  Is it just me or do others feel this way?

Leave me a comment (ha ha) outlining your thoughts on this importa

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