Sunday, 22 April 2012

Interesting Weekly Things That I Have Seen This Week (weekly)

  • ll you need for Cacoo is a Web browser. No troublesome installation is required. With a computer and access to the internet, anyone can sign in Cacoo and edit diagrams. Start drawing diagrams at home, at work or at hotels while you travel.

    tags: mindmap collaboration diagrams concept mapping wireframe draw mockup

  • An interactive website based on NASA research that brings the universe to you.  Alien Safari is a small interactive map that students can click on to discover the homes of the "most extreme" organisms on our planet. Students will discover organisms that live at the coldest temperatures, hottest temperatures, deepest depths, and highest elevations. There is a short audio lesson about each of the organisms. 

    tags: astronomy science NASA space Planets

  • An interactive website that allows you to create your own textbooks.  Are you fed up with teaching from a text? Are you shocked at the price of texts? Are you looking towards digitial media? Want to go digital but not an iPad, iBooks2 fan?
    Scandalised at the prices charged by the traditional text book publishers for etexts and even pdf copies? Then you might want to read on....

    tags: ebooks textbooks curriculum opensource flexbooks science math ck12

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