Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jellycam....a cool tool with lots of practical uses.

As I stated in my previous blog post, some of my kids have been exploring the use of a tool called Jellycam.  The easiness of its interface makes it an attractive tool for both students and teachers alike.  Below is a video explaining 'how to' use this tool.  I found this video helpful, so hopefully you will as well.

So obviously this tool helps you make stop motion animations of situations and I won't attempt to outline all of the possible ways that you could use this tool in your classroom but I will share some of my more loopy ideas.  They are:

  • Set it up in the front of your classroom at the start of the day and set it to take a photo every five seconds or so.  At the end of the day, create a video from your photos and you have a stop motion animation of you entire day in the classroom from a particular perspective.
  • Obviously science and change leads itself well towards this tool.
  • Building upon my love of handwriting, use it (not sure if it would work) to create an animation of student handwriting.  Does this have any place in the crowded curriculum? Not really but it would be fun.
  • We have all seen those drawing stop motion animations.  Kids would love using this tool for that.
I am sure that you have a million other possible ideas and I would love to hear about them.  Please leave me a comment with your ideas.  By sharing our ideas, the community of we is strengthened and the community of me is also empowered.  

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