Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I have found something to make my attribution of Creative Commons work a lot easier!

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by Velo Steve

I used to feel like smashing my head with one of these whenever I tried to get my head around the whole attribution thing in regards to media with Creative Commons. I really wanted to be ethical and do everything that I could to be a part of the community that does the right thing and gives credence to the original author / publisher of the piece of media.  But figuring out all of the correct attribution codes and how to use them made my mind spin.

But this morning all of my prayers were answered.  I am a Google Chrome Fanboy and love the browser.  Only four months ago was I stuck with Internet Explorer and it was awful.  Then I moved onto using Firefox and that was fantastic but I still was intrigued by the unknown world of Google Chrome.  I installed it and it worked fantastically.  Then I visited the Google Webstrore and found about extensions that were similar to Firefox extensions.  My life was going complete!

For a long time I have been looking for something that would help me add the proper attributions to images / media that I am using.  Today the Flickr CC Attribution Script came across my radar and it was exactly what I was looking for!  It is far enough to say that I was so excited when I found this and it worked!  I almost cried!  Below is a video that @leewin from Twitter passed along to me.  I hope somebody out there finds this as useful as I did.

Blog 3 of 33 done!

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